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Who am I? I get this question a lot. I am NOT a medical practioner of any sort but I do have quite a bit of experience investigating various natural cures for cancer since 1997 (See My Cancer Cure History). Prior to 1997 I was like most people who believed the Cancer Society, the research labs and the oncologists were doing the best they could to find a cure to cancer. This was all to change when my then wife was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia. Click here to see what changed my mind forever. Press your backspace key to return here after reading.


I have used Essiac to cure cancer twice. Unfortunately Essiac didn't work on my prostate cancer so that's when I went seaching for another protocol and discovered the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet and it cured the left over cancer cells after a Prostatectomy (removal of the prostate). Why didn't I use it to cure my prostate cancer rather than resort to surgery? Good question. The short answer is I screwed up. I wasn't using ketone strips (as described in My Cancer Cure History) and did little treats here and there that I thought would not do any harm. But if I HAD been using the ketone strips to monitor my ketosis I would have found out early what those "little cheats" were doing. See the story on my battle with prostate cancer by clicking here and you will see what I mean. Press backspace to return here.


After the prostate was removed I was told they didn't get all the cancer and was told I would need 7 weeks of radiation treatment. No way!! I went back to the diet this time using the ketone test strips and watching what I was eating. I cheated once by eating a small piece of cake and a cookie and knocked myself out of ketosis for three days! It was then that I realized what all those "little cheats" had been doing. I am now cancer free after two tests months apart showed no sign of cancer. I have also modified my diet to essentially the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet with added fruit for natural sugar and "good carbs" such as sweet potatoes. I eat all natural and do not consume any processed or (heaven forbid) any fast or junk food.


I've been around for a few years. I'm retired and I finally had the time to develop this web page in the hope that someone will benefit from it. At least I hope that it will change peoples minds that conventional treatments (notice I didn't say cures) cause more damage than you can imagine. This web page will give you hope that cancer CAN be cured without resorting to surgery, chemo or radiation.