What is Cancer?

















Everyone talks about cancer but what is it exactly? Our bodies contain trillions of cells that are constantly dying and being replaced with new cells. This process goes on largely uninterrupted but once in a while a cell can be damaged at the DNA level. When this happens its program to die and be replaced goes off the rails. These mutant cells stay alive and divide swiftly to form a tumour in most cases or leukemia. A normal healthy person who is eating right will likely remain healthy. If any cancer cells do develop the bodies immune system will take care of these mutant cells. We all have cancerous or pre-cancerous cells in our bodies at any given time but we are completely unaware of it. Don't be alarmed at this as it is a part of normal bodily functioning. Remember that we are talking about trillions of cells. If the conditions are ideal for cancer then some of these cells will survive and start to replicate. A good diet that is low in sugar and eating as natural as possible will keep you at a very low risk of developing cancer.


One word about different types of cancer. When they say "lung cancer" or "pancreatic cancer" or "liver cancer" they are describing WHERE it is not WHAT it is. Cancer cells are all basically the same, its just the location that in most cases gives it its name.


Cancer cells desire a certain environment to survive and flourish. When I describe what these are it sounds almost like an alien invader from another planet. Cancer cells prefer an acidic environment. The human body has a desired Ph level of 6.2 - 6.4. If the Ph level falls below this level into the 5 range the Ph level is more acidic. Cancer cells love this environment so a person with a very low Ph level is at high risk of developing cancer. Any reading above this range is good because the higher the Ph level means your body is more alkaline and cancer cells don't like this type of environment so they become weaker. You can buy Ph strips from any drugstore or health food store. All the directions are with it. You urinate on a piece of Ph test tape and compare the resulting colour change of the strip with a colour code chart included. Basically the darker the better.


To get the best readings do your readings first thing in the morning or about an hour after eating or drinking anything. Some things will skew the readings like baking soda. Baking soda is highly alkaline and will turn the test strip pure black so if you have taken baking soda for an upset stomach you will have to wait quite a while. In fact there is a baking soda protocol to raise the bodies Ph level so high (into the 8 range) that cancer cells cannot survive and they will die off. But I have read several items where this has worked for some people but not others. I would not suggest it. If you want to get a really TRUE reading you can take the Ph test strip orally. You can then compare this with a urinary Ph test. Be sure you have not had anything to eat or drink for at least an hour. Put the test strip in your mouth (while holding it with your fingers) and make sure it makes good contact with the tongue and with the mouth closed withdraw the strip and compare the colour to the Ph colour range chart.


Another thing that cancer cells do not like is an oxygen rich environment. They thrive quite nicely in an oxygen depleted environment. So getting lots of fresh air is great even if you don't have cancer.


People with poor eating habits such as not eating enough veggies and eating too much meat, processed food, sugar and junk food will likely have a low Ph level and are in more danger of developing cancer. Processed food is usually loaded with chemicals such as taste enhancers such as MSG and colours to make it look better and preservatives to keep it from spoiling on store shelves. When you eat these foods you are consuming these chemicals. Preservatives are particularily nasty because they are designed to kill off bacteria. When we eat foods containing preservatives they start killing off the good bacteria in our gut that are essential for proper nutrient absorption.


You have to understand that cancer is a symptom of an underlying problem. When your immune system is not in peak condition, your Ph level is too low, your diet (very important) has too many carbs and manufactured sugars, all these will lower the bodies defense against disease and cancer. As explained earlier we all have cancer or pre-cancerous cells in our bodies at any given time and if we are eating a sensible diet and our immune system is strong then these mutant cells will be destroyed.


When doctors go through medical school they are taught virtually nothing about nutrition but they are taught a lot about pills and medications and how to write prescriptions. Oncologists are taught "the big 3", surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Anything else is pure quakery as far as they are concerned.