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The success stories are starting to trickle in. I ask people that have tried the diet and cured their cancer to send me an email available by selecting "Comments" in the Main Menu.


Here are some that should give others hope and proof the diet works!


My name is Maria and I have been battling breast cancer for several years. I had surgery, twice and breast reconstruction surgery 2 times. I refused chemo and radiation.  I am allergic to the chemicals in chemo fluid and radiation. My friend John who runs this web site suggested the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet so I decided to give it a try. Earlier this month I was declared cancer free. After trying this diet for a couple of months I didn't have to return for follow up appointments.  I believe that a good part of the remaining cancer cells going away was due to diet.  Surgery was at first required for a mastectomy and tumor removal, but afterwards it was then that I decided to do this diet.  It was the diet that removed the remaining cancer cells. Thanks John!



Here is a message left in comments about a man who went from palliative care to a full recovery!!


I am a believer in Keto approach after I was put on 'palliative care only' with bowel tumour and liver secondaries. I wanted any treatment available and took chemo but also strict Keto diet. The tumor shrunk. I was offered surgery on my liver and had 60% removed. Then with no sign of cancer spreading they cut out the remains of my bowel tumour. My surgeon was amazed at how little there was left. Two years later I am still cancer free. I recommend Keto diet to anyone with cancer. I did lose about 40lbs on this diet but then I did have cancer on my liver. The surgeon said surgery was much easier since I was so thin, and that is an important consideration. I am not a trained medic but it all makes sense to me and I look forward to more from the medical profession on this approach to curing cancer. Best wishes with the website.


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Pablo Kelly was given months to live after doctors found a terminal tumour in his brain.

"I was devastated," Pablo said.

When doctors offered Pablo radiotherapy and chemotherapy, he decided he didn't like the idea of a diminished quality of life and opted for a treatment that is not recommended by the NHS - a high fat, low carb food plan known as the ketogenic diet.


He rejected chemotherapy in favour of a specialist, meat and fat-heavy diet and is still alive two years later.


At 25 years old Pablo, from Wrangaton, was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme - a terminal brain tumour. Due to the tumour's position in Pablo's brain it was also inoperable. "The doctors said the only option they could give me was chemotherapy," Pablo said.


"Doctors told me the ketogenic wouldn't help me in any way," Pablo said, "I've had five stable scans since January 2015 on this diet."