The Selenium Protocol



Selenium is a mineral found in the soil. Its cancer prevention and curing properties were discovered during an investigation into why people living in this one area had a very low rate of cancer. It was found the soil contained higher than normal levels of selenium.


I have given selenium its own page because while I was doing the ketogenic diet (and shooting myself in the foot by eating the odd sugary treat) I was also taking large amounts of selenium that seemed to be working.


Here is a VERY important piece of advice. No matter WHICH protocol you end up trying staying away from all sources of sugar is ESSENTIAL because as you have read (hopefully) that sugar is literally cancer food because it is processed into glucose very rapidly and cancer cells LOVE glucose, in fact that is the ONLY thing they can consume for energy and survival which is the basis of the ketogenic anti-cancer diet.


Selenium is an excellent anti-oxygenate that helps clear the body of free radicals and has a detoxifying affect. The normal amount of selenium required by the average person is 50-70 micrograms (one millionth of a gram) per day. A very tiny number indeed. Selenium can be toxic in large doses but you can go over the normal guideline quite safely. You can take up to 2,000 micrograms a day. Don't attempt to push this limit because selenium is toxic in larger doses. You could end up with selenosis which is selenium poisoning. The telltale signs are white spots appearing on finger nails that weren't there before and hairloss.


Selenium is not widely used in cancer prevention and cure but I did find one web site that is very interesting. This man had a friend whose PSA readings were 44. His oncologist told him there was nothing he could do and to go get his affairs in order. His friend immediately went out and got some vitamin E and selenium. It worked! Here is the link to that web page:


Here is a good web site describing the how selenium combats cancer:


The way it works is that normal cells will only absorb what they need but cancer cells will suck up as much as they can. It acts sort of like a Trojan horse. Once it gets inside the cancer cell it starts poisoning the cell from within.


Vitamin E is also called for with this protocol. The vitamin E called for is the complete vitamin E. There are actually 8 parts to vitamin E. The most common off the shelf vitamin E only contains one type of vitamin E, d-alpha tocopherol. The vitamin E I take is Jamieson and it includes d-alpha tocopherol, d-beta, d-delta d-gamma tocopherols. There are four more components to vitamin E but the price of that type is quite expensive and the other four are very small quantities.


The type of selenium you want is critical. Be sure to get the type that has been prepared with yeast. Again you can go for the Jamieson or the Webber brands. Be sure to check the bottle and it should say "selenium (yeast)" to indicate it has been prepared with yeast. There are straight selenium tablets but stay away from those as they are not easily absorbed by the body. Selenium is quite cheap, the average price is about $7 for sixty 200 microgram tablets. The suggested dose is 2,000 micrograms a day which is 10 tablets a day IF you are using just this protocol to treat your cancer. Be sure to take Selenium WITH food and lots of water. But DON'T start off with this high a dosage. Start with a couple of tablets (400 micrograms) and slowly increase a tablet every couple of days to allow your body to adjust. Be sure to check for signs of selenosis but you should not have any problems. If you are on the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet then a lower dose of 1,000 micrograms is all you should need and is completely optional.









The better news is this protocol can be used along side other protocols such as the Ketogenic Anti-cancer Diet. Personally I would not use just this protocol but use it in conjunction with the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet but in my opinion this would be optional. The Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet does very well on its own but if you feel like throwing something else at your cancer this would be one that I would suggest.


Even though I am cancer clear I still take a 200 microgram tablet everyday with my supplement regimen.






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