The Reasons For Increased Cancer Cases



The reasons for the dramatic increase in new cancer cases are varied. I'll do my best to explain.


Better Early Detection Methods


Colon Cancer Test Kits


There are several cancer detection methods in current use such as fecal test kits that are used to detect colon cancer. This is a good test for detecting early stages of colon cancer. Basically the earlier it is detected the easier it is to cure by conventional means but there are still a lot of deaths from colon cancer using just conventional methods. The first step is to remove any tumours in the colon and then use chemo drugs and radiation in an attempt at killing the cancer.




They have mammograms but a LOT of alternative cancer cure people (myself included) strongly advise AGAINST this method of testing for breast cancer. Mammograms are done by compressing the breast between two plates and then using xrays to look inside the breast for any non-visual lumps inside the breast. If any are detected they will likely want to do a biopsy which has the possibility of releasing cancerous material that may migrate to other areas of the body. Many Naturopath Doctors advise against mamograms because they often do more harm than good. See this web site for an explanation. Up to 80% of breast lumps are found to be non-cancerous and as you will read in the previous web link mammograms can actually CAUSE beast cancer when its supposed to be an early detection tool because of the increased power of the xray used in mammograms. I was shocked to discover that a woman who gets a mammogram is exposed to much more xray radiation than they would receive from getting a simple chest xray. From my research a woman who gets a mammogram receives more radiation that 1,000 chest xrays. Scary? You bet!

Thermography is considered the “gold standard” of alternative testing options since it is non-invasive, safe, and can detect possible tumor activity years before a mammogram can. In fact, a 2008 study published in the American Journal of Surgery concluded that breast thermography has a 97% “sensitivity rating” for finding malignancies before a visible tumor has been formed. Contact the American College of Clinical Thermography for more information.


PSA Tests


PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) tests for men to detect prostate cancer is a good test for any men 40 years of age and over. Make it part of your yearly physical exam. Its just a simple blood test to test for PSA levels. If its 4.0 or less this is considered normal. If it starts creaping up into the 6-7-8 range or higher then you are offered sugical removal of the prostate or several weeks of radiation therapy to kill off the cancer and take the prostate along with it. Neither option is pleasant because of the high percentage of side affects such as urinary incontinence and impotence.  With the prostate removed and you are not impotent you will lose the ability to ejactulate because it is the prostate that produces semen. Men can still achieve orgasm but without ejactulating.


Skewed Numbers Reported By The Cancer Society


So as you can see with better early detection methods it makes it easier to detect the possibility of cancer. As you have read on the page "The Cancer Industry" once cancer is detected by these early detection methods you are added to the Cancer Society's cancer survivors list. This makes it LOOK good for the Cancer Society because the numbers of survivors goes way up so everyone THINKS they are doing a great job. A cancer survivor as defined by the Cancer Society is anyone that has been cured by conventional means (a very low number) OR has cancer and is still alive. This skews the numbers in favour of the Cancer Society and the Cancer Industry.


Other Reasons For The Rise In Cancer cases


Pesticides and Chemicals In Our Food Chain


Pesticides and chemicals in our food chain is another reason for the increase in cancer cases plus other side affects such as allergies, autism and Type II Diabetes. This is all explained on the page "Cancer Prevention".




AND NOW the number one reason for the increase in new cancer cases (drum roll please) is SUGAR. The average person consumes 150-170 POUNDS (about 68-77 kilos) of sugar per year. I was blown away by these figures. Back in the 1800's the average person consumed 5 pounds (2.2 kilos) of sugar per year. When you go to the grocery store and buy most any processed food, read those Nutritional Facts labels. There is SUGAR in almost everything. Cancer LOVES sugar because it is metabolised very quickly into glucose that cancer cells LOVE. When people feel low on energy they automatically reach for something with sugar in it such as a regular soft drink that has 29 grams of sugar in it. They get an instant burst of energy and they THINK this is a good thing but it is NOT! If you don't have cancer (yet) you can reduce your chances of getting cancer greatly by reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet.


And sugar is addictive! At most any store they always put the candy bars and other sugar treats at the cash. Watch as the kids scream and yell until their parents give in and buy the kid their "sugar fix."


As you have read (or about to read, hopefully) about the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet you HAVE to eliminate ALL sources of sugar including fruit because fruit contains natural sugars. If you consume ANY sugar on this diet it WILL NOT work. If you read in my Cancer Cure History I messed up by treating myself "once in a while" to a sugary treat. Even though these treats were little the diet didn't really work for me because the sugar contained in these "little treats" was enough to knock me out of ketosis PLUS I wasn't using the ketone test sticks so I didn't know the harm I was doing.


It was only AFTER my prostate was removed and I was told that I would have to undergo several weeks of radiation therapy (that I refused) to take care of some lingering cancerous cells that showed up in a PSA test that I decided to give the diet another shot THIS TIME using the ketone strips to make sure I was in ketosis. I got a rude awakening when I had a very small piece of cake and one cookie and it knocked me out of ketosis for 3 days! It was THEN that I realized what all those "little treats" I was having before did to me. As soon as I saw that I avoided ALL sugar in my diet and followed the directions to keep my carb intake as low as possible then the diet worked! Two seperate PSA tests months apart showed that I am cancer free. I am VERY angry at myself because if I hadn't been cheating "once in a while" with a sugary treat AND using the ketone sticks that I would have (not COULD have but WOULD have) cured my prostate cancer and would not had the surgery. :(


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