My Alternative Cancer Cure History (part 3)














I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. My PSA reading was about 8 so not too bad I thought. My urologist gave me my options, surgical removal of the prostate or radiation treatment to kill the cancer and take the prostate with it. Neither option was appealing. I told him I would like to wait. He made me an appointment for 2 months down the road. The first thing I tried was Essiac as I had used it before on other cancers with great results but it didn't work on my prostate cancer. My urologist had heard of Essiac but told me that Essiac would not work on prostate cancer. He was correct, at least in my case.


After a bit of searching I found the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet that seemed like it would work so I decided to try it. I also took large doses of selenium which is another protocol but I figured hitting the cancer from two directions wouldn't be a bad thing. On this diet you are supposed to use ketone test strips to be sure your body is in a state of ketosis or starvation but I made a HUGE mistake not using them. When you read about the diet you will see what I mean. The diet mimics starvation because you do not consume any sugar from any source and keep your consumption of carbs as low as possible. But don't let this scare you off. On this diet you are eating nutrient rich foods. The only thing you are not eating is sugars and carbs. You ingest good fats so your liver can produce ketones for cellular energy.


This is where the magic happens. Cancer cells have a fatal flaw, they cannot use ketones like normal cells so without glucose which is not produced on this diet, the cancer cells starve and die.


I made a huge mistake by not using the ketone sticks and I was cheating a bit here and there as I have a sweet tooth so my PSA readings were wandering up and down. After a time I decided to take 4 months mostly off the diet and then two months before my next test I went back on the diet supposedly rigorously but my PSA had shot up to 12. Again my urologist asked me what I wanted to do. I will give him high points for not putting any pressure on me or try and scare me into treatment. I told him I wanted to have the prostate removed surgically so it was removed on Oct 29th 2014. After the surgery I was informed that some cancerous material remained and my urologist wanted me to undergo 7 weeks of daily radiation treatments. I nixed that idea so he made me an appointment for March 19th 2015.


I decided to give the ketogenic diet another shot but THIS time I was going to do it right, ketone strips and all. It was then that I found out how those little cheats had been affecting me before. In late Novemeber 2014 I had a very small piece of cake and a cookie. That was enough to kick me out of ketosis for 3 days!! My family doc called me in for a post-op consult to see how I was doing and I asked him for a PSA test sheet. In late January 2015 I got that PSA test done and in a few days I was called in by my family doc for the results. I hoped the results would show the PSA going down but I was overjoyed when the results showed I was cancer free!! I started eating a more normal diet and waited until mid-March to get the PSA test from my urologist done and it too showed I was cancer free!! Oh how I wanted to kick myself. If I had done that the first time around I would have cured my prostate cancer and would not have had undergone surgery. Lesson learned. Follow directions. :(


Here are the results of my last PSA test. You will see the result is less that point zero two. My urologist told me why it was not zero and went into an explanation of it but he said it would not show a lower reading and that I was cancer clear.