My Alternative Cancer Cure History (part 2)
















I have a cat, a little female tortoiseshell, that started limping favouring her left rear leg in late 2009. I took her to a veterinarian and was told she had a cancerous bone tumour on her left rear thigh bone. I asked about treatment and was told they would have to amputate the leg and put her on chemo as this type of cancer spreads to the lungs and that is what eventually kills the animal. I could not afford the amputation never mind the chemo. Besides that I would look for another solution before giving up. They gave me some pain pills and when those failed to work they advised me to bring the cat in and they would put it down.


Since I cured my ex-wife of leukemia using Essiac I decided to give it a shot. I had little to lose. I called Essiac International and asked their advise. They advised buying the Essiac capsules and giving the cat half a capsule in the morning and half in the evening. The only way to get the Essiac into the cat was to dilute the Essiac powder into a little fruit juice, sucking it up into a syringe and squirting it gently into her mouth. She put up a bit of a fuss at first but she got used to it.


After two weeks she looked normal. She was walking without a limp, she could jump up on her cat tower and the backyard fence. After 6 weeks I called the veterinarian and asked for another xray. The xray still showed a bump on the bone but why was the cat normal in other respects? The veterinarian sent the xrays away for interpretation and what I got back floored us all. The report said there was "less evidence of lysis" (doctor speak for cancerous activity) and the bone was remodelling!! Wow! See below for images of the xrays (before and after) and the xray interpretation. It is 2020 as I write this and the cat is still very much alive and has all four legs.












































































































Xray of cats leg in December

Xray of cats leg in March

Xray interpretation