My Alternative Cancer Cure History

Before I started my journey into alternative cancer cures I was like most people. I believed the Cancer Society and the oncologists were doing all they could to find a cure for cancer. This was to change in 1997.


My wife at the time was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia. Blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy proved this. She was terrified because she had to watch as her mother and her aunt both died from cancer. She saw the suffering they endured along with chemotherapy and radiation therapies just made their quality of life way worse and they died anyway.


I started looking for anything that might help. Maybe....just maybe there was something "out there" that could cure her that the oncologists had missed or was not sanctioned by them.


After days of searching I came across something called Essiac, a native herbal cure for cancer. After reading all about it I decided to try it. If you want to read more about Essiac click here. After about six weeks she had to go back to the hospital for more tests. They could not find any trace of the leukemia in her blood or bone marrow. I told the oncologist about using Essiac and he poo-pooed the very idea that Essiac could cure her condition. Ridiculous. He said the leukemia had gone into remission and was likely hiding in the spleen. He wanted to do a spleoctomy. We reluctantly agreed. I mean he is the expert, right? They removed the spleen and did a biopsy of it and no trace of cancer was found. She was monitored for a year and a half and it did not come back so she was told just to get her yearly physical which would of course include a blood test. The leukemia never returned. She passed away in 2009 from emphysema and COPD from a life of heavy smoking but still cancer free.


See below some of the oncologists memos that I was able to get after she had passed on. You will see the oncologists confusion when she returned to see him and no trace of the cancer could be found.