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1. This page is my thoughts on current cancer treatment and the failure of conventional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation to cure cancer and why a cure will never be found or released if they have found one by the cancer industry because there is too much money to be made by the industry. I will add more from time to time.


The sad thing is that most people think a cancer diagnosis won't happen to them. A lot of people will skip this site altogether because of this thinking. If they do visit the site they will look at a few things and then close their browser window. If they (or someone they love) gets a diagnosis of cancer they will do whatever their oncologist tells them to do. Take 6 months of chemo? Sure, no problem. Countless radiation treatments? Bring it. And then they get the news their cancer is stage IV (terminal), their oncologist tells them there is nothing else they can do and they don't know what to think. Their oncologist and all the cancer experts have failed them. They might remember this site, probably not. They may have heard of natural metabolic healing but think its all quakery and hot air. If they had read this site properly they would have been convinced as I am that a cancer cure will NOT be provided by the cancer industry and that natural cures work far better. There is just too much money at stake. A cure for cancer that puts the cancer industry out of business? I can tell you right now, that's not happening.


2. I got a message from a woman whose mother is dying of panceatic cancer. Her mom has refused any cancer industry treatments which is a good thing because pancreatic cancer is virtually untreatable using chemo or radiation. She is refusing most foods. I am trying to get her mom to try protein shakes and a stir fry using veggies and a little chicken. I'll keep you posted. Update: The family tried to get her to drink the protein shakes or any food at all and she passed away a few days ago. Her daughter believes she just lost the will to live. RIP.


3. 14 July/2015. I got my latest results from my PSA test and I am STILL cancer clear.


4. I was talking to a guy at a meeting I attend who just had a biopsy for prostate cancer. He won't get the results for 2-3 weeks. He has already been on the site and he says he will give the ketogenic diet a try if the results are positive. I told him that it should kill the cancer in 4-6 weeks IF he follows all the rules. I'll keep you posted here.