A Brief History of Modern Medicine











Back in the 1800's a person had a choice going to a hollistic or a allopathic doctor. The difference is a hollistic doctor treats the root cause of a condition while most of the time a allopathic doctor would treat the symtoms of the condition using patent medicines of the day.


In the early 1900's the Rockefeller and the Carnagie groups looked at the situation and knew that if they controlled the pharmceutical industry they could make a fortune. They started by giving grants to allopathic medical schools and as a term of the grant they would be allowed to have one or more of their people sit on the boards of these schools. The schools were very appreciative of these grants but there was a catch. The schools were told to teach medical doctors all about patent medicines and why they were better than hollistic medicines. Over the next several decades the number of hollistic doctors dwindled and the hollistic schools began closing. The last one closed around 1950.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S.A. was and is responsible for testing patent medicines for use by doctors. This costs a lot of money and many hollistic drug suppliers could not afford the cost and either went out of business or went underground. The number of hollistic doctors slowly dwindled until hardly any were in practice as the years went on.


Meanwhile at the universities the doctors were being taught all about patent medicines and what medicine would help certain conditions. As far as nutrition is concerned very little was taught if anything. The same applies today. If you ask your family doctor what you should be eating for a balanced diet they will most likely throw you a copy of the national food guide.


Now you know why our medical system is in the state it is now. When you go to your doctor with a medical condition you will likely walk out with a prescription to cure the immediate problem. But what about the underlying reason for the doctor visit? Most of the time the root cause is poor nutrition and a suppressed immune system.


Doctors that decided to become oncologists are taught that only three options were available for cancer treatment, surgery, chemotherapy starting in the 1940's and radiation as far back as the 1920's. The same is true today. All other so called cures are deemed as quakery. The same is true today as the cancer industry only uses these three options for cancer treatment. Its a headlong assault on the cancer itself with no thought at all about what caused it. In the majority of cases it is poor nuitrition, too much sugar and/or a suppressed immune system.


If you ask your oncologist why you have cancer you will likely be told that it could be genetic or just plain bad luck. The real truth is we are exposed to over 30,000 different chemicals in our environment and our food chain. Processed food labels list the ingredients and there are a lot of chemicals in there most of which you find difficult to pronounce never mind if they are harmful or not. All these toxins keep the immune system busy purging them out of the body leaving less room to attack body invasions of germs and cancer growths. Its estimated that by the time you realize you have cancer due to a lump or a pain in the abdomen or elsewhere that cancer has been growing for several years in most cases. By the time it is detectable it is out of control. You can put your faith in surgery, chemo or radiation but with the really bad record of curing cancer using these means I would much rather use alternative methods such as the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet to defeat the cancer naturally by starving it to death. That is the biggest reason I am on a natural food diet. I rarely if ever eat processed food. I remember the days when supper was coated fish sticks and frozen french fries in the oven. Once in a while we would have a salad or some veggies but at least fresh veggies.


Guess who supplies the chemotherapy drugs? You guessed it, the pharmacuetical companies. Billions a year are earned developing and selling these chemotherapy drugs. The big 3 in cancer treatment (surgery, chemo and radiation) is a direct assault on the cancer itself. Chemo is an attempt to poison the cancer out of existance without killing the patient in the process. Here is a shocking fact for you. More people die from chemo than from cancer and chemo is hardly affective. A study from Australia found that chemo was only 2.3 percent affective in Australia and 2.1 percent in America. These stats were so shocking at the time (2003) that Australia was considering not covering chemo at all. Click here to see this report.


If you talk to any Naturopath doctor they will tell you that a proper diet is your first line of defence to remaining healthy. They are taught a lot about nutrition and which foods are good, better, best or worse. They also get training to treat a wide range of diseases including cancer using natural means. It all boils down to a good sensible low or no sugar, restricted carbohydrates and moderate protein diet with a good amount of natural fat.


I hope the information on this page is useful to you.