You can use your existing recipes to make more interesting meals if you substitute ketogenic diet-friendly ingredients. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and really missed my cookies, muffins and so on. Here is a list of items that could be in your recipes and the equivalent ketogenic friendly substitutes.


You may be tempted to Google ketogenic recipes from the web but DON'T do this as these recipes are for the original ketogenic diet that was developed for children with epilepsy and contain a fair amount of milk products such as cream, cottage cheese, regular cheese and so on. The ketogenic diet does not allow milk products so you may be restricted in the recipes you use although you CAN substitute with non-flavoured almond milk (the best) or non-flavoured coconut milk (cheaper). Be sure to check the Nutrition Facts label on the milk carton. There should be no sugar or maybe a gram but that's it. There may be a number of your recipes you cannot use so just use the ones that have the ingredients listed below. I will add some sample recipes that are ketogenic friendly


Butter - Yes you can use butter (not margarine!) because butter has very low carbs and virtually no sugar (.1 gram for both). Just use butter in your recipes and for nothing else. If you REALLY want to you can use coconut oil as a substitute for butter as butter is derived from milk. Just warm the coconut oil slightly so it is a liquid.


Vegetable oil or shortening – substitute with extra virgin olive oil


Vegetable shortening is man made and therefore synthetic and you want to avoid such products. They are loaded with artificial trans fats.


Sugar – Substitute with Stevia®. Don't use the same amount of Stevia® as sugar in your recipe because Stevia® is way more sweeter than regular sugar! You may have to do some trial and error to get it right.


Here are some guidelines for you. You can buy Stevia at most health food stores. If using Stevia (preferred) see this web page for a conversion chart. You will see that far less Stevia is required than sugar. Stevia is SO sweet that it tastes bitter if you use too much or taste test it. You can buy Stevia in packets, in quantity or in liquid form that is concentrated in a dropper bottle.


Flour – substitute using almond or coconut flour. Almond flour is suggested but it is

more expensive than coconut flour which is kind of bland tasting. You can compensate by using a little more sweetener to sweeten the coconut flour.


Milk – use UNFLAVORED almond or coconut milk. BE SURE it contains NO or VERY little sugar!


If your recipe calls for baking powder use at least twice or even three times the amount of baking powder that your recipe calls for. You may have to experiment a little with this. Almond and coconut flour do not rise as easily as regular flour so extra baking powder will be required.


For Your Sweet Tooth Recipes


I admit to having a sweet tooth and to settle these craving I would suggest the recipes below.


Muffin Recipe


Blend together 3 eggs, 2 tbsps coconut oil, sweetener, 2 tbsps coconut milk, 1/4 tsp vanilla essence, 1/3 cup of raisins, 1/3 cup of walnuts, pinch of sea salt.


Combine 1/4 cup of almond flour (can use coconut flour also), 2 tsp or more of baking powder. Use 2-3 times more baking powder than you would normally use if you are trying to duplicate your own recipes.


Whisk into batter until there are no lumps. Pour into greased muffin tin or cases. Bake at 400F for 20 minutes or until firm to touch. If the muffin mix is too “stiff” you can add some extra virgin olive oil to make the consistency better.


Cookie Recipe


In a saucepan melt 1/4 cup coconut oil on low heat, remove from heat to cool. In a bowl combine 3 eggs, sweetener, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, pinch of sea salt, stir in melted coconut oil.


Whisk 1/4 cup of almond flour (or coconut flour) into batter and let the batter rest for 5 minutes to allow to thicken slightly. Again, if it is too “stiff” add a bit of extra virgin olive oil.


Drop batter by the spoonful onto a greased baking sheet. Bake in preheated oven at 350F for 15 minutes. (makes about 16 cookies).