What you CAN'T eat or drink



NO sugar of ANY kind. I scream this from the rooftops!! NO sugar AT ALL as it is your worst enemy on this diet. So no soda pop for example as one can of regular pop contains 29 grams of sugar! Cut sugar out of your diet COMPLETELY! Consume NOTHING containing sugar or sugar in anything you eat or drink. This includes all fruit as fruit contains a lot of natural sugar. That's why fruit tastes sweet.


If you MUST use a sugar-like substance in something its preferential to use Stevia® which is a natural sweetener unlike sweeteners containing Aspartame or any of the other nasty artificial sweeteners. AVOID diet drinks as most contain Aspartame which is nasty stuff if consumed over a long period of time. Stevia is the best choice and is sold in various formats such as sweetener packets to use in coffee etc., larger amounts to use in baking and a highly concentrated liquid.


I have heard from people outside North America where Stevia is not available. In this case you can buy it on line and if this is not possible then you can use something like Splenda or another sweetener as long as it doesn't contain Aspartame.


No Fruit!


Sorry, but fruits contain a lot of natural sugars and glucose, that is why they taste sweet. I love bananas but I could not have them because a ripe banana contains 12 grams of natural sugars!


Dairy Products


NO milk or butter (except in baking recipes), cottage cheese, yogurt. Adults DO NOT need milk. In fact it has been proven that milk is bad for adults. A small amount of cheese is okay as cheese has no carbs.


All mammals nurse their young (including humans) with breast milk and then when they come of age they are trained by their mothers to eat regular food for their species and never consume milk again for the rest of their lives, except humans. We have been conditioned over the years that milk and milk products are necessary and good for you. Actually the reverse is true.


According to Robert Cohen, Executive Director of the Dairy Education Board and NOTMILK.COM, milk consumption is to blame for a variety of health woes, including the following:


  • breast cancer

  • diabetes (both diabetes mellitus and juvenile diabetes)

  • kidney stones

  • acne

  • heart disease

  • osteoporosis

  • multiple sclerosis

  • stroke

  • rheumatoid arthritis


Milk causes the body to produce mucus in the gastro-intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus. DO NOT use soy milk products! They are NOT good for you. Many people think they are but they are not. In the North America (including Canada)  most soy is produced from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds and you do not want to ingest ANY produce or drinks like soy milk grown from GMO seeds.


If you give an adult cat milk to drink I can almost guarantee you the cat will come down with diarrhea from drinking it.


Click here to see a report from the Harvard School of Public Health.



No Pork


It contains a small amount of carbs. Beef is okay as it contains zero carbs, the same as with chicken, turkey and fish. And also pork is considered a "dirty" meat which is why it's always recommended to cook it thoroughly. You will never see a "medium rare" pork roast for instance.


No Potatoes


Sorry. They are very high in carbs with about 70 grams of carbs in a large potato. They are a vegetable but as you will see there are a lot of vegetables you can have except for potatoes and some others like sweet potatoes and most root vegetables except carrots because they are full of starch, carbohydrates and in some cases, natural sugars. The rule of thumb is if its green or brightly colored its probably okay for you. When in doubt do a Google search for “how many carbs are in (insert vegetable here)” or “how much sugar is in (insert vegetable here).”


No alcohol!


Alcohol is made from fermented sugar sources and the body will convert alcohol back to sugar again. That is why heavy drinkers are often overweight because of the metabolization of alcohol to sugar and then to glucose and stored fat. So NO alcohol at all. Sorry. :(




Coffee does contain a small amount of carbohydrates so if you are a heavy coffee drinker you will unintentionally raise your carbohydrate level. In my opinion a small amount of coffee (2-3 cups a day) using Stevia as a sweetener if you normally use sugar is probably okay. I am not a big coffee drinker, maybe one or two cups a day of decaf, max. I use cream in my coffee and....believe it or not but cream has LESS carbs than milk! Cream has a lot more fat than plain milk which makes it taste richer but as you have read previously fat is GOOD. Check out this page for the whole story.

Preparing vegetables


Cutting the veggies to make a stir fry. Use half a broccoli. You are probably wondering how to get half a broccoli. Use a large sharp knife and find the center of the broccoli crown. Insert the knife and bring down the rear of the knife on the stem so you end up with two halves of broccoli. Use the entire half, upper stalk and all. Don't use the lower part of the stalk which is woody and hard to chew. Half a green pepper, kale (very high in alkalinity), some cauliflower sliced into thin strips. To prepare the kale be sure to wash thoroughly then gather the leafy end together and cut about two ½ inch slices. That should be plenty. Be sure to wash all veggies thoroughly. To make the kale last longer put the head of the kale in a plastic grocery bag while it is still wet and tie the bag shut with one knot so it will be easy to open.