You are probably thinking, “How can a diet cure cancer?” I know I was a bit skeptical until I read the science behind the diet and then it made perfect sense. The Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet is a low carbohydrate, no sugar, high fat and moderate protein diet for cancer curing that mimics starvation and causes the body to create ketones from good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil and other good fat sources rather than glucose from carbohydrates and sugarsSee the menu selection "Good Fats" for other fat choices. Some will be a surprise to you as I am sure most people have been conditioned to stay away from fats and use synthetic stuff like vegetable oil and margarine. But don't let this scare you off. On this diet you are eating nutrient rich foods. The only thing you are not eating is sugars and carbs. The diet was developed as a way to feed the body but starve cancer cells. Cutting off all sources of sugar is fairly easy and eating a low carb diet is also easy if you follow the rules. You get adequate protein from chicken (or fish), eggs, beef and protein shakes. With very little carbs and no sugar at all glucose cannot be made so the body looks for fat reserves or ingested fats to create ketones. That's how the diet works.


"Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar."

—Otto H. Warburg (Nobel Prize awarded for his work identifying cancer as a metabolic disease in 1931)


Cancer cells have one fatal flaw. They cannot make the switch from using glucose as fuel to using ketones like normal cells so they literally starve to death.


Some of you are probably thinking, "If this diet is so good why isn't it being used by oncologists to cure cancer?" A very good question. The answer is there is no profit to be had using alternative methods to cure cancer as most aren't made in a lab or come from natural sources which cannot be patented. The sad truth is if it doesn't make money for the cancer industry you will never see it in use by mainstream oncologists but alternative protocols ARE widely used by Naturopath Doctors.


"The reason why the ketogenic diet is not being prescribed to treat cancer is purely economical. Cancer is big business. There are more people making a living off cancer than there are dying of it.” - Dr. Thomas Seyfried, a leading cancer researcher and professor at Boston College and author of 'Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.'


If you want a kick start to learn all about the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet you can select the video here. It will explain a lot from a man who used the diet to cure his stage IV (terminal) bone cancer plus TV news anchors talking about the diet and explaining why mainstream oncologists are not using it. You will be angry when you find out why.


If you are STILL not 100% convinced this diet will work for you AFTER reading all the information on this site you can STILL use the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet along with your conventional cancer treatment. The two protocols WILL NOT conflict with each other since the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet is a simple diet change. When you are cured your oncologist will of course take all the credit. :(

The Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet Preamble

The Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet


Way back millions of years ago early humans were closer to primates than to modern day humans but already this survival technique was being used to keep these proto-humans alive until their next meal which could be days away. The body would use stored body fat as fuel. Instead of glucose from natural sugars and carbohydrates body fat would be converted to ketones which normal body cells can use for fuel.


Don't worry about ingesting extra fats. Low fat processed foods are an advertising scam. When they remove the fat they have to replace it with taste enhancers to make it taste the same as the non-fat version. Eating fat does NOT make you fat. Its like drinking lots of water in the belief that it will make you a better swimmer. A good link to explain this is here. Also see the menu selection "Good Fats" for more info.


Calories is an old antiquated system of dieting. Cutting out sugar and eating a low carb diet works WAY better than starving yourself on a calorie diet. When they determine calories they are also counting the fat content of the food item. This is done by burning a food sample in a device that measures the amount of heat generated to raise the temperature of a known amount of water. Of course this also includes any fat in the food item which led to the "low fat paradigm" that a lot of people followed. This is all wrong because it is excess carbs and sugars that make you gain weight which is the bodies way of storing energy as fat. 


You can eat all you want from the allowed foods on this diet. We don't care about fat either in fact as you have read, fat is essential on this diet as it is used to create ketones that normal cells can use for fuel. What we look for is the amount of carbohydrates in the food we eat on this diet. All meat has zero carbs. For example a large size chicken breast has zero carbs (that's carbs) but over 300 calories and a substantial amount of protein.


On the Ketogenic diet for cancer treatment you consume NATURAL fats such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and other fat choices. Stay AWAY from processed oils like vegetable oils because you want NATURAL fat sources for ketones to be generated. Coconut oil is very high in trans fats but don't worry about this as it is NATURALLY produced. The trans fats you want to stay away from is the synthetic trans fats as found in vegetable oil, margarine etc. WARNING! If you disregard the information about consuming good fats and ingest only synthetic stuff like vegetable oil and margarine you will be in serious trouble. Without GOOD fat sources your body will NOT be able to create ketones AND as a result you COULD lose too much weight because without good fats to create ketones your body WILL starve. Normal cells HAVE to have either glucose or ketones to survive. If you want to lose weight you can limit or eliminate the amount of fats you consume forcing the body to use your stored body fat to create ketones. Check out the menu selection "Good Fats" for more fat choices. Some of them will be a surprise for you.


I also added a bunch of vitamins and minerals to the protocol to ensure all my body needs were being met in that regard. More on that later.



Ketone Test Strips


These are ABSOLUTELY essential for making sure your body is in a constant state of ketosis. When you start the diet wait about a week before testing. These test strips were originally created for people on the Adkins diet and you likely won't find them on the drugstore shelf, you will probably have to ask at the prescription counter for them. The ketone test strips come in a sealed plastic tube-like container. The strips look like long match sticks and have a small test pad on one end. To use just urinate on the test pad then wait 15 seconds (or as indicated in the instructions) then compare the colour to the coloured scale on the container. Basically the darker the better. You will of course want to test yourself as soon as you start the diet. I know you will. I did. :) Don't be surprised if the results are negative but test yourself after a week of starting the diet and the test results should be much better. You want to stay on this diet with no “cheats.” Later on I'll tell you what happened to my ketone level when I cheated a little, many times too often. :(


PLEASE PLEASE stay on the diet with no cheats as you want to be in a CONTINUOUS state of ketosis for this diet to work. If you drop off the diet by eating or drinking things that are not on the diet (such as a dinner out or a party/dinner at a friends place) all you will do is to start creating glucose again and this will just serve to feed your cancer cells!


What You CAN Eat and Drink




Eggs are one of natures most perfect foods. I suggest no more than two eggs a day as the yolks contain a lot of cholesterol. Not that cholesterol is all that bad for you but it will keep your doctor happy. Cholesterol is blamed for heart attacks, strokes and so on but the REAL culprit is inflammation of the arteries from an imbalance of omega fatty acids. A lot of people consume foods high in omega 6 (trans fats) which is contained in man-made saturated fats. This causes an imbalance between omega 3 and omega 6 which causes the inflammation. Cholesterol will then get snagged on the inflamed arteries and build up until a blockage occurs triggering a heart attack or a stroke. You don't believe me? Click here for an explanation. I eat two fried eggs (along with sliced chicken and tomatoes) every morning. 

Chicken, Turkey, Fish and Beef.


Chicken, turkey, beef and wild caught fish contain no carbs. If you google “how many carbs in a chicken breast” you will see that chicken contains zero carbs but has about 300 calories. The same as with beef. Don't even look at the calories as I mentioned before. We only care about sugar and carbs. You can buy turkey thighs and the like quite cheaply if your budget is a bit tight. Sometimes you can buy skinless boneless turkey thighs for a good price. It saves you from cutting out the bone which is a real pain. Stay away from turkey drumsticks as they have a lot of tendons in them and this makes it hard to separate the turkey meat from the bone. Turkey thighs are a little tough but cutting it into small pieces and thorough frying in olive oil will make a world of difference.


The most economical way to buy chicken breasts is to buy the ones that have the bone in and skin on. If you have a source for organic chicken then go that route if it doesn't break the bank. I buy my chicken in bulk that is organic and boneless/skinless from a local supplier. You can buy boneless skinless breasts at the grocery store but they are much more expensive than those with the skin on and bone in. To remove the breast from the bone rip the skin off then use a small sharp paring knife and starting at the outer edge gently cut away the breast from the bone then chop half of it up into strips. I have a half a chicken breast cut into strips with two eggs and tomatoes all fried up with lots of extra virgin olive oil every morning. 



ONLY fresh wild caught fish is allowed. NO packaged or coated fish at all! Frozen whole fish is okay. Wild caught fish is a bit expensive so I stick with chicken and turkey for the most part but I buy a small piece of Atlantic salmon once a week. Don't buy any seafood from the Pacific as the ocean is polluted with radiation from the Fukushima reactor meltdown in Japan following the last earthquake and resulting tsunami. They are pouring 300,000 gallons of sea water a day on the damaged reactor in an attempt to keep it cool enough so it doesn't go into a complete meltdown. This water is allowed to flow back into the ocean and as seen after the tsunami when a lot of debris from Japan washed up on our western beaches months after the tsunami, the same is happening with the radiated water.



Most green and other vegetables are fine. I eat broccoli, kale, green peppers and cauliflower. Carrots have some natural sugars in them so its best to stay away from them as a single carrot can have 3-4 grams of natural sugar. Potatoes are right out! They are full of carbs so you can't have them. If you are considering adding another vegetable to your diet be sure to google "how much sugar in (insert name here)" and "how many carbs in (insert name here)".


I used to have one huge salad most every night for supper that would normally feed four people but now I prefer a stir fry with some chicken because as I found out later my protein intake was too low so I started having stir fries with chicken for supper. Add some veggies and a little teriyaki sauce to make a fabulous stir fry. I fry the chicken first then remove it then add the veggies prepared beforehand with the heat turned up some as a stir fry is done for a short time with high heat. Be sure to stir every 15-20 seconds and don't cook longer than about 2-4 minutes.

Fruit and vegetable labeling codes


Most vegetables have a 4-6 label code that indicate how the produce has been grown. If you look on the label on any fruit or vegetable there will be these codes:


Four digit codes starting with a 3 or a 4: Naturally grown. This does not mean that it has not been sprayed with pesticides.


Four digit codes starting with a 9: Organically grown without pesticides and certified.


Five or more codes starting with an 8: These indicate the fruit or produce has been grown from GMO seeds. AVOID like the plague! Do not buy!!



You're pretty limited on what you can drink. Water of course, lemon water and green tea. I use ReaLemon® instead of lemons to make my lemon drink. Just put half an inch or less of ReaLemon® in a glass (use more or less to get the taste you want) and top up with cold filtered water (or boiling water if you want hot) and ice if desired if drinking cold. Hot lemon juice or green tea is suggested after a meal as it helps wash down the good fats you may have ingested.


Protein Shakes


A protein shake first thing in the morning is great! I drink one every morning to supplement my protein intake. BE SURE to get the VEGAN protein shake where protein from plant sources is used instead of from milk where the protein powder is made from whey. It doesn't matter where you get it but be sure to check the sugar and carb content. I buy mine at WalMart where it is half the price of buying it at a health food store and meets the requirements of low sugar and carbs.


Watch your protein intake is MODERATE. I discussed this with my family doctor who was 100% behind me in using a natural cure for cancer. I asked him about too much protein and he told me that excess protein will be converted to glucose, much slower than converting carbs and sugars to glucose but it will happen with excess protein. You have to sure you are consuming enough protein but not TOO much. The average sedentary male requires 56 grams of protein per day and 46 grams of protein for the average sedentary female. If you are heavy into exercise you will have to up the amount of protein consumed to repair and build muscle. 


A word on Microwave Ovens


Do not use! Microwave ovens have been proven to destroy the cellular content of foods. A lot of people use microwave ovens for defrosting. Natural defrosting is the best. Just take the frozen item out of the freezer and put on the counter to defrost until just the surface is defrosted and then put in the fridge overnight to complete the defrosting process. Another method is putting the frozen item in cool water for a time. It will defrost faster than air defrosting.