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200 pounds overweight and starving.....


That statement appears impossible but lets check this out. The average person who is obese has a very poor diet. They load up on junk and fast food like burgers and fries, deserts that are loaded with carbs and sugar. Even at home it doesn't stop. Pasta dishes like spaghetti and lasagna and so on. Lots of meat, potatoes but very few veggies and if they eat any at all it comes from a can. Its a disasterous diet and killer. Such a diet does not give your body the nutrients it needs. The body is literally starving for nutrients they are not getting from a proper diet. 


On a poor diet I can almost guarantee you the immune system will be very low and so will the bodies Ph level. The average healthy human should have a body Ph of 6.2 - 6.4 or better but if checked with some Ph tape (available at most drugstores or health food stores) I would be willing to bet heavily the Ph level will be way below this. Since cancer prefers an acidic environment you are at a higher risk of developing some form of cancer. Most people on this type of diet often use vegetable oils and margarine. Both contain high amounts of trans fats which causes an elevation in omega 6. If you read about this in the ketogenic diet you will see the danger of too high a level of omega 6 versus omega 3.


Most of the diet of obese people is made up of carbs and sugars and as you have learned from previous pages on this site all those carbs and sugars get turned into glucose. The body uses what it needs and the rest? It gets stored as fat which is a survival mechanism inherited from our distant ancestors. But we don't have to forage or hunt for game anymore. In our modern world all we have to do is go to the local store or open a cupboard or the fridge at home, raid the nearest vending machine or visit one of the fast food joints.


I have some Chinese friends who eat the usual Chinese diet which is mostly vegetables, rice and a small amount of meat. One time they decided to switch to a "normal" Canadian diet. They both became very sick within two weeks and immediately went back to their traditional diet.


Obesity can lead to chronic conditions such as Type II diabetes, stroke and heart attacks. The life expectancy for the obese person is much lower than a person who eats healthy and they will get sick more often. They are also at high risk of cancer because their immune systems are poor.


Many times these people will reach for the latest fad diet for help. A lot of obese people will lose some or all their excess weight but once their goal is reached they will end up turning back to their earlier eating habits. Of course the weight comes back. This is known as the "diet yo-yo." Sound familiar? Most if not all diets are calorie diets. On a calorie diet you get to eat only a certain amount of calories per day but this is all wrong. Everything you eat has calories but so what? On the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet you will see we don't care about calories. We care about carbs and sugars.


If you eliminate manufactered sugar and stick with fruit for your sugar intake and eat a low carbohydrate diet you WILL lose weight and you will keep it off if you stick with it. The secret is to stay on this diet and don't go back to your previous poor diet. I will give you an example. A chicken breast that has the skin removed, sliced and fried in olive oil has about 300 calories has zero (that's right, zero) carbs! Eat lots more FRESH veggies such as broccoli, kale and green peppers.


Yes, potato is a vegetable  and is actually fairly low in calories but is high in carbs. A large potato contains almost 300 calories but almost 70 grams of carbohydrates!! That is why potatoes are not on the list of allowed foods on the ketogenic diet because we are trying to eat sugar free and keep the carbohydrates intake as low as possible. Switch to low carb and low sugar veggies instead. You can use them in a stir fry with chicken or in a chicken salad. 


See the section on the ketogenic diet on how to prepare a stir fry. Basically you cook the chicken first in olive oil, remove it and throw in the veggies that you have washed and cut up beforehand and fry them for a short time (2-4 minutes) while using teriyaki sauce for flavour if you want and then remove them. If you have a wok that's great! Use that as your cooking utensil. Watch the heat as olive oil has a low smoke point. No more than medium heat on a standard stove top ring. If you are using a wok its more important to keep the heat down as a wok is designed to concentrate the heat into the cooking bowl of the wok. If you use too high a heat you will know because it may start to smoke and even though you might not see the smoke a smoke detector will detect it. Been there done that. :)


Remember to eat a high protein breakfast. I eat half a chicken breast and two eggs all fried in olive oil for breakfast. Actually its brunch as I am retired. If you eat breakfast early then for lunch you can have a chicken salad and for supper a chicken stir fry. You can also eat turkey, wild caught fish and red meat once in a while. Don't even think of buying frozen fish sticks! Stick to pure food, no processed food as most contain chemicals that you can't even pronounce never mind know what they are.


If you are wondering what other veggies you can eat you can google them to find out. Just google "how many carbs are in (insert veggie here)" and while you are at it you can google for the veggies sugar content the same way. Some veggies may surprise you. Carrots for instance contain a bit of natural sugar (just under 5 grams) and 10 grams of carbs but only about 40 calories. These would be on the list of allowed foods on a calorie diet but not suggested (or limited intake) on a reduced carb and sugar diet.


Do you get the message yet? Forget calorie counting. Count those carbs and sugars and keep them really low. Cutting out all processed foods is the key to restoring and maintaining good health.


Modified Ketogenic Diet For Healthy Eating


If you REALLY want to eat healthy you can eat a modified Ketogenic Diet by adding fruit to your food intake and some carbs such as sweet potatoes. This way you won't have to ingest good fats like olive oil and coconut oil but when frying anything stick with olive oil or coconut oil. This way you can create glucose for your cells by eating good natural sugars from fruit and good carbs from sweet potatoes and other sources instead of ketones from good fats. Things to avoid is anything man-made such as margarine, vegetable oils and most breads like plain white bread which is pure carbs with little good in it. If you really must eat bread once in a while be sure its ORGANIC whole wheat bread or "ancient grains" bread. Yes it might cost a little more but it won't break the bank and you DO want to stay heathy, right?


Butter is fine as it is natural. If you read the Nutritional Facts label on butter it says it contains high levels of trans fats but not to worry. These are NATURAL trans fats such as found in coconut oil which is one of the "good fats" listed in the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet.


And yes you can have a little treat such as cake and ice cream at someones birthday party. Once in a while won't hurt you that much UNLESS of course you are on the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet for cancer curing then you will have to give this a pass but it will be only for a few weeks or at most a few short months.


Here is a really good article on the dangers of MSG (MonoSodium Glutamate) and how food producers try and disguise it in their products. If you see "artificial flavours" in the list of ingredients you can bet the farm that it is MSG. Yet another reason NOT to buy processed food. Click here to see the article.


Now that my prostate cancer is cured I have switched to a modified Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet myself eating only a pure food diet with fruit and a sweet potatoe with butter. And yes, I do eat a bit of ice cream and cake once in a while. :) I feel healthy, never bloated and I have lots of energy. I shake my head in disbelief when I see overweight people eating junk or fast food just loaded with all kinds of bad stuff, just "empty carbs". Its determined the average North American diet is about 60% carbs and sugars. Its a killer diet compared to a modified Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet.


Here is a little snip from the Cancer Society web page:


"An alkaline diet – also known as an acid alkaline diet – is a diet that consists of fresh fruit, vegetables, roots and tubers, nuts and legumes and only small amounts of meats and dairy products. Some people believe that this type of diet will help you lose weight, increase your energy and reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.


However, there is no evidence to support any of these claims."

Click here for a link to the Cancer Society's website about nutrition. They are trying to say that diet will not affect cancer recovery or help you with having less of a chance of being diagnosed with cancer. As I mentioned before doctors (including oncologists) are taught very little about the importance of good nutrition. Here is another link to their page which seems to contradict what they said earlier about diet and cancer. They seem to have no clue about nutrition and keep changing tracks.


In other words they are trying to say that diet has no affect on preventing cancer or heart disease but then they seem to switch tracks in another section of their web site. Like I said before doctors of any stripe including oncologists get very little in the way of nutritional training in med schools. As mentioned on another page on my site I had a consult with a radio-oncologist (radiation therapy) who told me that a dietary change would have NO affect on preventing or curing cancer. That consult did not end very well. :) MANY people have CURED their cancer using metabolic protocols like the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet and many other protocols that involve dietary changes. There are other metabolic protocols out there but after quite a bit of research and personal recovery from cancer it is my own opinion the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet is the best metabolic diet I have seen because it starves the cancer cells and is quick to cure cancer usually within weeks or a couple of months at most IF you follow ALL the rules for this diet.


If you read my cancer recovery using the Ketogenic diet it did not work the first time around because I wasn't using the ketone test sticks and was cheating with sugary treats "once in a while." But after having my prostate surgically removed and I was told that I would have to undergo 7 weeks of radiation therapy to kill off some remaining cancerous material I decided to give the diet another chance and THIS time I followed all the rules, test sticks and all. I cured my cancer. Be sure to read all about it here.