Good Fats Are Good For You!

A lot of people think that eating or ingesting fat is bad for you so they get caught up in the "low fat" advertising scam. Low fat this and low fat that. Eating fat does NOT make you gain weight in fact recent studies have found that ingesting good fats is good for you and helps with the processing of nutrients.


What do I mean by "good fats?" There are good and bad fats. Good fats have no artificial trans fats while good fats may have trans fats as well but they are NATURALLY occuring trans fats. Vegetable oil and margarine are two examples of products that contain artificial trans fats (usually hydrogenated vegetable oils) that are not good for you at all. Why? In our bodies we have omega fatty acids, particularily omega-3 and omega-6. Artificial trans fats increase omega-6 so you have an imbalance. When this happens the arteries get inflammed and cholesterol (that is a natural substance in our blood) can get caught on these inflammed artery walls and slowly build up to the point where the artery becomes blocked. The result? A heart attack or a stroke, the very reason you were eating low fat food to prevent.


Hydrogenation (or, more accurately, "partial hydrogenation," as the process is incomplete is the forced chemical addition of hydrogen into omega-6 polyunsaturated oils to make them hard at room temperatures, primarily as a cheaper and less perishable substitute for butter in crispy bread products. Common hydrogenated fats include hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated cottonseed, palm, soy, and corn oils, but theoretically almost any polyunsaturated oil can be hydrogenated.


Why do we need REAL fat in our diet? See this link for the answers. We need to ingest GOOD fats such as olive oil and coconut oil as two of the best sources of good fats and you can even eat animal fats such as lard, tallow and ghee (rendered butter). I remember as a child my parents bought into the "low fat paradigm" and switched from lard to vegetable oils and margarine because they were "better for us". Now we know the reverse is true. Both my parents had heart attacks that were a "wake up call" for them. I really did not know much about real fats and hydrogenated fats until I started on my journey to curing my prostate cancer. REAL fat is WAY better than artificial fats full of trans fats. If you read the nutrition label on coconut oil you will see its very high in trans fats but not to worry, its NATURALLY created trans fats not the artificial trans fats found in vegetable oils and margarine. Speaking about margarine....its purely synthetic. There is NO nutritional value in it except for small amounts of vitamins they put in it to make you THINK its good for you. The makers of margarine tell you that butter is high in trans fats and but what they DON'T tell you is they are NATURALLY occuring trans fats not the hydrogenated trans fats found in margarine.


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