Site Preamble

This is quite a big site with a lot of information. I do hope you come back often to be able to read it all.


The oncologists and the Cancer Society attempt to destroy cancer with a headlong assault on the cancer cells themselves. The three major methods are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. 


What about letting the body heal itself by boosting the immune system ....OR.....starve the cancer cells until they die? That is what this site is all about.


Prior to 1997 I was like most people who believed the Cancer Society, the research labs and the oncologists were doing the best they could to find a cure to cancer. This was all to change when my then wife was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia. Click here to see what changed my mind forever. After reading press the backspace button on your keyboard to return here.


If nothing else you HAVE to watch this video about a man that was given 3 months to live and the oncologists said there was nothing they could do. Watch this video and be amazed!

This is a news presentation in the U.S. that highlights an interview with the man. The news anchors will tell you in their own words WHY this method is not being used by the Cancer Industry. Its all in the profit folks. The Cancer Industry can't patent a natural cure and unless it makes money they won't look at. Hear it in their own words. 


Select the "Web Sites and Videos" from the site menu for interviews with two women who bailed out of the Cancer Industry because they could no longer suffer the mental anguish of working in the Cancer Industry knowing that conventional treatments do not work most of the time and if it does it leaves the body so damaged that its almost guaranteed the cancer will return either in the same place or another part of the body.


The Cancer Industry makes sure all members (oncologists, nurses, technicians, pharmaceutical researchers) all part of the "Cancer Industry" are expected to follow conventional treatments or get drummed out of their jobs. Be sure to read the page "The Cancer Industry" from the site menu for a detailed explanation.


Even an oncologist will rarely give a 100% guarantee that your cancer will be cured using conventional treatments. They will say they will "do their best" and that "your chances are good" at a full recovery. That is about as far as they will go unless its something minor.


This web site may look a bit primitive compared to others but I wanted to get as much information out to you without the use of a lot of bells and whistles. I could have done that but information in my view is much more important that the "wow" factor of a lot of visual gimmicks.


Do me a BIG favour. After going through the site could you select "Comments" from the Main Menu and leave a brief comment. Let me know honestly what you think of the site in general and the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet.