Although this site is primarily for the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet I thought I would create a page dedicated to Essiac which I have used twice before to cure cancer in my ex-wife (Hairy Cell Leukemia) and a cancerous bone tumour in my cat.


First off Essiac DOES NOT kill cancer cells. It is an immune booster to aid the body in attacking cancer cells and killing them off. Essiac was discovered in 1922 by accident in a small northern Ontario mining town by a head nurse called Rene Caisse. One of her nurses asked Rene to look at an elderly woman who had some strange scarring on her breasts. The woman explained she was diagnosed with breast cancer 30 years earlier and after a confirmed diagnosis in Toronto that it was breast cancer she and her husband went back to the mining town because they could not afford the surgery to remove the cancerous lumps. Essentially she was going home to die. An Ojibwa medicine man heard of her condition and went to see her. He offered her a cure and asked her to come with him to pick some herbs, how to prepare them and make a tea that she would drink several times a day. The herbal tea worked! The cancerous lumps slowly reduced in size until all that was left was scar tissue.


Rene asked the woman if she still had the list of herbs and the woman said she did and gave Rene the list. Soon after she got word that her aunt had terminal cancer of the stomach and the liver. In those early days the only treatment for cancer was surgery. There were no chemotherapy drugs or radiation machines. She knew her aunts doctor quite well and asked his permission to try the herbal tea to see if it would help. It did. Her aunt lived another 21 years, cancer free.


Her own mother was diagnosed with liver cancer and was pronounced terminal as she was too weak to undergo surgery. Again Rene asked that she be allowed to try her herbs. Sure enough her mother recovered and lived to see her 90th birthday.


The mayor of the town of Bracebridge where she lived heard of her cancer curing successes and gave Rene the use of a building in the town to set up a clinic for the rental sum of $1 a month. She set up the clinic and the word spread. There were rules that she had to follow to avoid being prosecuted for practising medicine without a licence. First off she had to have a doctors referral and she could not charge for her services although she could accept donantions.


She ran the clinic from 1934 until 1942 when the Cancer Commission (not to be associated with the Cancer Society) of the day forced her to close the clinic after inspecting 150 of 300 patients that were willing to be examined. The examinations showed no cancer in any of the patients and no sign there ever was a cancer so they concluded (wrongly) these patients were mis-diagnosed and closed their investigation. Then came the witch hunt to force her to close the clinic in 1942. Rene had a breakdown because of this but when she recovered she continued to treat patients from her home.


When you read about the persecution she was under to close her clinic you will be mad as hell. It is one of Canada's biggest medical travesties ever. She had even been offered her own clinic in the U.S. but refused saying that Essiac was a Canadian discovery and should remain in Canada. She was rewarded by being persecuted and ridiculed for years until the clinic was forced to close.


She was offered large sums of money for the Essiac herbal formula but she would only do so if they would guarantee her in writing that Essiac would remain available to anyone that needed it. She never got this assurance and never sold it until a year before she passed away in 1978. She sold the formula to Resperin Corporation for $250 who promised her that Essiac would be made available to anyone who required it.


Today Essiac is marketed by Essiac International. You can buy it on line or in many places like health food stores and some pharmacies carry it. It is offered in its original tea powder formula, capsules and in a liquid.


I used the tea formula to cure my ex-wife of Leukemia in 1997. She passed away in 2009 from emphysema and COPD from a life of heavy smoking but still cancer free. I also cured our cat that had been diagnosed with a tumour on the bone in one of its hind legs. I used the powder from the capsules for 6 weeks and the cat was cured. The veterinarian said she had never seen an animal recover from this condition without radical treatment which would have included amputating the leg and putting the cat on chemo. Both of these cases with supporting documents can be seen on the menu item "My Cancer Cure History". Ever since I cured my wife of Leukemia in 1997 it radically changed my mind forever that natural cures were WAY better than "conventional treatments" of chemotherapy and radiation.


I am a member of the Canadian Legion as I was in the RCAF for 9 1/2 years. One of our members had a partner who had survived a couple of bouts of cancer in the breasts and the lymph nodes using conventional therapy of surgery, chemo and radiation. Sure enough her cancer returned with a vengeance. I told him my cure history using Essiac and he was quite impressed. He made the mistake of discussing this with his partners oncologist who told them that Essiac would interfere with the chemo treatments and that "great progress had been made with new and better chemotherapy drugs." She died 3 months later in agony having to have massive doses of morphine in her final days. I never mentioned anything to him about "See what happened? You should have tried Essiac." I am sure he was feeling bad enough already so why rub it in?


To read the entire story of Essiac click here. You will be mad as hell after reading it as she was persecuted for years to close her clinic which she finally did in 1942. There is a statue to Rene Caisse in Bracebridge heroing her as "Canada's Cancer Nurse". On Rene's 90th birthday many people she had cured or their descendants came to visit her and thank her for her service and their or their ancestors lives. She died shortly afterwards.


One final note. The name ESSIAC is simply Rene's last name spelled backwards.








RIP Rene Caisse








Statue of Rene Caisse in Bracebridge heralding her as "Canada's Cancer Nurse" in Bracebridge.