Using the Diet for Weight Loss



You can use the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet to lose weight. It works WAY better than a calorie diet that in my opinion is an archaic method to losing weight. On a calorie diet everything you eat has to be measured and weighed. Its a very restrictive diet which literally starves the weight off. You don't want to be starving and always hungry do you? And in starvation mode your body wants to rest to conserve as much energy as possible. All mammals (including us) have evolved with this in mind. In starvation mode your energy level will drop right off and you will be just dragging your way through the day.


The ketogenic diet for cancer curing suggests ingesting good fats (see the menu item "good fats") to create ketones. If you want to lose weight you can use the same diet but DON'T consume any of the good fats suggested and let your body use your own body fat to create ketones.


How are calories determined? They count the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugar and alcohol in the food item. As you have read (hopefully) the page on Good Fats that fat does NOT make you fat! You need protein so lets get that out of there. That leaves carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol. The ketogenic diet iliminates sugar and limits the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Alcohol is also a forbidden substance since alcohol is created by the fermentation of sugar, whether natural as from grapes or other sources or manufactured sugar. Alcohol is broken down by the liver back into sugar. If you are not on the ketogenic diet for cancer curing you should be able to ingest a LIMITED amount of alcohol and be okay, a glass of wine or a beer once or twice a week. That does NOT mean cutting back from a two four a day to a 12 pack. :)


Our bodies have evolved for survival. Carbs and sugars are transformed into glucose by the liver and is used by all body cells (including cancer cells) for cellular energy. The rest is stored by the body as fat for those times when food is scarce. This is a survival mechanism we inherited from our distant Paleolithic ancestors (and way before that) to allow them to survive between foraging and/or hunting game animals. We rarely have to hunt or forage for food in our modern western world to survive anymore.


FORGET calories and fats. We are only concerned with carbohydrates and sugars, whether natural as from fruit or manufactured sugar. If you limit those two you WILL lose weight WITHOUT starving as on a calorie diet which measures fat as well but good NATURAL fat is good for you. See the page on "Good Fats" from the main menu for a complete explanation. All natural meats such as chicken, turkey, fish and beef contain ZERO carbs so you can eat all you want. If you don't believe me just google it. "How many carbs are in a chicken breast" for example. Red meat is NOT recommended or eaten in very limited quanities because red meat is hard to digest and this is going to gross you out (sorry) but the average North American red meat eater has several pounds of partially digested red meat in the upper and lower colon, the PERFECT place for cancer to grow. That is one reason why colon cancer cases are on the rise.


The other food you can eat all you want is most veggies. Most any green vegetable is fine. Potato is a vegetable but is very high in carbs and starch so they are off limits for weight loss. Carrots contain a small amount of natural sugar so you can eat SOME carrots but not a whole plate full. If you want to find the sugar or carb content of a chosen veggie just google "how much sugar is in (insert veggie name here)" and do the same for carbs. Your aim is to keep the sugars to virtually nothing and carbs as low as possible.


EGGS are a great food source as well. Two eggs a day are suggested. It will keep your doctor happy if nothing else. :) When you go to your doctor for a check up he/she will test for cholesterol and if its too high they will put you on statin or cholesterol lowering medication with idea that lowering your cholersterol will prevent heart attacks and strokes. Cholesterol is NOT the culprit when it comes to heart attack and strokes, it is arterial inflamation caused by manufatured stuff like margarine and vegetable oil that causes a rise in omega-6 fatty acids. Cholesterol will get caught on the rough inflammed arterial walls and start to collect there eventually severely cutting or stopping the blood flow causing the condition. The very reason you switched to margarine and vegetable oils to PREVENT! Be SURE to read the page on "The Great Cholesterol Myth" at the main menu. There are web links there to back up and explain all about this. This is a major flaw in our medical system. Doctors are trained to prescribe medication for the AFFECT of a condition with no thought as to the CAUSE. Select "History of modern medicine" on the main menu for a complete explanation of this.


Fluids are limited to lemon juice with water (I use ReaLemon concentrate but REAL lemons ARE a better choice), plain filtered water and green tea. To use the concentrate I put about 1/4 inch in a tall glass and fill with filtered or spring water. When I say "spring water" I mean REAL spring water from a natural spring NOT the bottled spring water found in plastic bottles. This type of water is rarely real spring water but filtered tap water. It can sit in those plastic bottles for several weeks. The chemicals in the plastic leach into the water. NOT good. Plain filtered tap water is fine as is green tea drank straight with no sugar or milk. And a word on diet sodas. No, no, no, NO!!! Most are loaded with Aspartame which is a highly toxic artificial sweetener which should not even be on the market. See the bottom of  "The dangers of sugar" at the main menu for a complete explanation of aspartame.


Oh yes, on the subject of milk.......milk for anyone over the age of weaning is BAD. We have been conditioned by advertising that drinking milk is good for us. Actually the reverse is true. If you read in the menu selection about the ketogenic diet for cancer curing you will see that milk and milk products are forbidden and why milk is bad for us. Think about this. ALL mammals (incuding us) are raised on mothers milk (or milk substitute for humans) up to the age of weaning or eating solid food for their species and never drink milk again for the rest of their lives.....except humans due to advertising that "milk is good for you." Bull feathers! Be sure to read about this in the ketogenic diet section. There is a link there from the Harvard Schoool of Public Health that describes why milk is not healthy for you. Here is the link for your convenience. 


It is STRONGLY suggested to review the section in the ketogenic diet on vitamins and supplements. If you are on the diet JUST for weight loss the following vitamins and supplements are highly suggested each day since this is a restricted diet:


  • Magnesium (50 mg)

  • Vitamin B complex (one 50 IU)

  • Vitamin C (two 1,000 IU in place of the vitamin C from fruit sources)

  • Vitamin D3 (four 1,000 IU) good for EVERYONE actually

  • Potassium (one 50 mg)

  • Iodine (one drop in a glass of water) available at health food stores

  • Zinc (25 mg)


KETONE STRIPS!! These are STRONGLY recommended, in fact I will go as far to say you are wasting your time if you don't use these. You use these to check that you are in ketosis. If you are NOT in ketosis you are not burning body fat and the whole idea of this diet is to burn away body fat which gets converted to ketones that your body cells can use for fuel but as you have read (hopefully) that cancer cells CANNOT make the metabolic switch to use ketones so they starve without glucose. Ketone test strips are available at nearly every pharmacy. You will have to ask for them at the prescription counter as they are rarely on the shelf.


Okay that pretty much wraps it up. You can stay on this new diet and start adding natural sugars from fruit and good carbs from organic bread such as which is ancient grains (my favourite) bread and veggies like sweet potatoes. Stay AWAY from plain white bread as it is made with refined white flour and really has not got much goodness it. Stick with multi grain breads such as ancient grain. I do use a little butter when making toast. You can't have toast without butter, its just not right. :) Once you reach your target weight you can start adding these food items. You can treat yourself to a dessert "once in a while" and even a drink or two once a week or so which researchers are now confirming is actually good for you.


Good luck with your new diet for weight loss and healthy eating!!