My Personal Cancer Cure Suggestions


Although this site is mainly dedicated to the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet I would like to discuss my own person views on suggested cancer cure protocols.


Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet


The Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet works just fine on all types of cancers including brain cancers. Chemotherapy has litle affect on brain cancers due to the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier screens out most toxic elements getting to the brain including chemotherapy drugs. The most common method of treating this type of cancer by conventional means is a combination of surgery and radiation. This assumes that surgery is possible without destroying critical areas of the brain and then only radiation can be used. 


But the blood-brain barrier allows glucose to reach the brain which all cells in the body use to feed body cells. But as you have read (hopefully) that ketones can be used by all body cells including brain cells. So by starving cancer cells by eliminating sugar completely and limiting carb intake which forces the body to produce ketones by converting natural fats or your own body fat to produce ketones that normal body cells can use for fuel but cancer cells CANNOT use. Without glucose cancer cells will simply starve and die off.




From personal experience Essiac is very good at curing leukemia which is a blood cancer and also good at curing tumours as described when I cured my cat that had a cancerous bone tumour in her leg. Other forms of cancer can be cured as well as described on the Essiac infomation web page. Essiac by itself does not kill cancer but super charges the bodies immune system to enable the body to fight off cancer naturally. See my Essiac story on the My Cancer Cure History page which is found on the main site menu. Essiac does not work on all cancers. For instance it will NOT work on prostae cancer at least not in my case.




Selenium is an excellent cancer killer. Taken in lage doses (no more than 2,000 micrograms) per day kills off cancer cells because normal body cells will absorb only as much Selenium as they need but cancer cells gobble up lots of it acting as a Trojan Horse poisoning the cancer cells from within. It is suggested this protocol not be used on its own but in combination with one of the other two methods described above. One man did cure his friends prostate cancer using selenium. It is affective on most other forms of cancer as well.




I would suggest the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet as the first choice when looking for an alternative and natural way of curing cancer. If you feel like throwing something else at it I would suggest Essiac to super charge your immune system. If you want to you can add Selenium as well if you want to throw the whole works at your cancer.


And the BIG "must do" is to eliminate ALL sources of sugar INCLUDING FRUIT which contains a lot of natural sugars. That is why fruit tastes sweet. As you have read (hopefully) sugar is literally cancer food!!! Please read the section on the main menu about the Ketogenic Diet.