Coffee Enema










Coffee enemas cleanse the colon and the liver. The ketogenic diet is a very clean diet and your body will have a lot of toxins to get rid of. A coffee enema at least once a day will greatly assist in purging these toxins. Two or three weeks of coffee enemas should be all you should need (in my opinion for what it is worth) to assist the liver in detoxifying your body at the beginning of the ketogenic and other alternative cancer cures. Some other protocols such as The Gerson Protocol say to take several coffee enamas for the whole duration which could be months or in some cases years! Its just my opinion but when switching to a clean diet such as the ketogenic anti-cancer diet then 2-3 weeks maybe a month of coffee enamas is all you should need.


Once you get into the diet the body will detoxify which will put the liver under quite a strain at the beginning but as your body gets rid of these toxins the stress the liver is put under will decrease significantly.


Click here for a video explaining the importance of coffee enemas when eating a clean diet such as the ketogenic diet when battling cancer especially after undergoing chemotherapy. The interview is done with Dr. Vickers who is with the Gerson Center in Mexico. The Gerson Center had to move to Mexico along with several other natural cancer cure centers to avoid prosecution led by the cancer industry.


Here is what you will need:


  • enema kit (most any drugstore)

  • ground ORGANIC coffee, caffeinated and lightly roasted

  • filtered water (preferred)

  • towels

  • lubricant (oil, petroleum jelly etc.)




Coffee enemas are done when the colon is empty so do it shortly after a bowel movement.


Preparing the Coffee


Pour two or three cups of water into a pan along with two or three tablespoons of organic (highly preferred) ground coffee. Bring the water and coffee to a boil stirring frequently. Turn the heat off and allow the coffee mixture to come down to body temperature. It should be very slightly warm to the touch or not feel very little temperature change when tested. You can taste test it for temperature. If you leave it until it gets to room temerature it will feel cold and uncomfortable when used.


Using the Enema Kit


Be sure the flow control is closed. Pour the coffee enema solution into the enema bag. You can expel all air from the enema hose by simply holding the enema bag up with the end of the hose in the sink. Open the flow control a little until some of the coffee enema begins to run out and quickly close the the flow control.  The best location to do an enema would be the bathroom floor. Spread a couple of towels on the floor and lie on your back. Your bottom should be elevated slightly so put a couple of folded towels under your bottom to raise it up a bit. Put the enema bag at an elevated position but too high. You want the coffee enema to flow into the colon not forced in if the bag is too high. Putting the bag on the toilet seat would be ideal. 


Lubricate the end of the enema hose and gently push it into the rectum. Turning it a bit as you push it in will help. Be sure it is inserted about two inches. Open the enema flow control and allow the coffee solution to flow into the colon. Once all the coffee solution is in you can close the flow control and gently remove the enema hose from the rectum.


Now comes the hard part. Waiting. Its best to leave the coffee solution in the colon for about 10-15 minutes. Remain lying on the towels. This would be a good time to meditate, read part of a book or other activity to pass the time. It may be real difficult to hold it in for the suggested 10-15 minutes the first time but do your best. When the time is up or you have an uncontrolable urge to empty your colon, sit on the toilet and allow the coffee solution to drain into the toilet. You will find it easier to hold the coffee enema in your bowels as time goes on.


Be sure to thoroughly wash everything and put away the kit until needed again. Its suggested to do a coffee enema once a day, preferably in the morning as you may experience a "caffeine rush" after doing the enema and you will have all day for the affect to wear off. If you feel uncomfortable and jittery after doing the enema then cut down on the amount of coffee grounds used.