Cancer Prevention


Cancer was considered a medical curiousity in the 1800's when only 1 in 100 people developed cancer but in the early 1900's preservatives began to be used in the food industry as smaller local food producers were swallowed up by large corporations. The time it took to leave the plant to get to the store shelves across the country took some time as train was the fastest way to move stuff over long distances. It would be years before the interstate road system to be built. In Canada it was the same situation. Then you have to factor in the time it took for someone to buy it which could take weeks or months. Pesticides were soon to follow.


More chemicals began to enter our food chain, colours, taste enhancers and of course preservatives. Its estimated there are about 30,000 chemicals in our environment. Now if that is not enough we now have GMO (Genitically Modified Organism's) that are resistant to pesticides or to enhance the final crop, making them bigger and more colourful. There are a lot of people worried by these "FrankenFoods".


No one knows what side affects these foods will have in the long term. Monsanto Corp. is the leader in this technology. They have produced seeds that are resistant to pesticides. Monsanto says the crops grown from these seeds are safe. They are supposed to be resistant to pesticides, bugs and so on but crops are sprayed with powerful pesticides that were supposed to kill all the weeds and bugs but the crops would be fine. But nature always finds a way. Some weeds survived and multiplied so now they are battling super weeds with still more powerful pesticides but we know what will happen.


Monsanto did the testing and they say that GMO food crops are safe because they fed rats nothing but GMO crops for 90 days and they all survived with no signs of any problems. But independant testing showed that if the rats were fed for longer periods of time (120 days and over) all the rats developed tumours and a lot with cancer. Click here to see a report on this testing.


In 1970 it was estimated that 1 in 10 people would develop cancer in their lifetime. That number is now 1 in 3. Soon it will be not IF you will develop cancer but WHEN. These numbers are for the U.S. where cancer is rampant, almost an epidemic. Its not as bad here in Canada. We don't have much GMO stuff, the Polar "non-browning" apple in B.C. and GMO salmon in PEI - See AquaBounty for details. Most of the soy grown in Canada is grown from GMO seeds mostly because GMO seed and pollen blows into someones field from a neighbouring field. Monsanto continually checks fields of farmers that are not using their seed and if any GMO plants are found they charge the farmer with patent infringement. Rather than fight most farmers reluctantly started using GMO seeds rather than pay "patent infringement" fines levied by Monsanto. One farmer in Saskatchewan did fight back. See the video here. This video is also on the "The Dangers of GMO's" page. Pesticide use is limited in Canada while in the U.S. its open season with powerful pesticides created and tested for toxicity to humans by Monsanto. Cattle are not injected with growth hormones in Canada because it is banned but is allowed in the U.S.


There is an old saying that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." do you increase your odds of remaining cancer free? The secret is to eat as clean and naturally as you can. Wherever possible avoid processed food, sugar (read those Nutrition Facts labels) and avoid fast foods like burgers and fries because they are very high in carbs and the fries are often fried in vegetable oil which is very high in artificial trans fats. 


My urologist talked me into going for a consult with a radio-oncologist so I went just out of curiousity because I had absolutely no intention of going along with radiation treatments. I got talking to him about the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet and he told me in all seriousness that a change in diet would have absolutely no affect on cancer curing. He obviously knew NOTHING about nutrition because they don't teach that in medical school. The consultation did not end very well. He was quite angry when the consult was over that a nobody like me would dare challenge the accepted treatments used by the Cancer Industry. 


A lot of fast food joints are seeing the light and are coming out with such things as chicken salad or opting for a side salad rather than fries. You are much safer preparing natural foods like the ones mentioned in the Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet which uses all natural ingredients. Its also a lot cheaper buying natural foods and preparing them at home rather than eating out. An evening out at a burger joint can easily cost as much as several days of natural food groceries. So not only is it healthier to eat naturally its also less expensive.


Try your absolute best at limiting your and your families sugar intake. Sugar is the number one food source for cancer cells. Its almost to the point where alternative medical doctors (Naturopaths) classify sugar almost as a poison. That is why the keto diet has no sugar at all, not even fruit. But if you just want to eat healthy then fruit is fine if you just want to eat a clean diet and prevent cancer. Natural sugars contained in fruit is okay. It takes a while for the body to process this sugar source. Granulated sugar, chocolate bars and most deserts contain a LOT of manufactured sugar which is metabolised quickly into glucose so you REALLY have to watch your sugar intake. Read those Nutrition Facts labels!